To Use the Public Agenda, click edit on the date of Homework, Test, or Quiz then write the class under the date in the following fashion

"==Honors English=="
Then write the assignment under the text. Include due dates.
Write test under the date of test.

December 21, 2012Edit

End of the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 31, 2008Edit

October 30, 2008Edit

October 29, 2008Edit

October 28, 2008Edit

October 27, 2008Edit

October 24, 2008Edit

Honors EnglishEdit

October 23, 2008Edit

October 22, 2008Edit

Honors EnglishEdit

October 21, 2008Edit

October 20, 2008Edit

October 17, 2008Edit

October 16, 2008Edit


Make-Up Test

October 15, 2008Edit

Honors EnglishEdit

  • Vocabulary Test
    • Vocabulary Workbook Due

October 14, 2008Edit


  • Lab Due (Launch Angle and Range)

October 13, 2008Edit


  • Test over Vectors
    • Vectors and Projectiles (12) (ELCA)
    • Physics Work Sheets due.
      • Vector Problems (1-9)
      • Vector Operations (22-29)
      • Chapter 3a
      • Chapter 3b
      • Chapter 3c
      • Chapter 3d
      • Chapter 3e
      • Chapter 3f
      • Skill Sheet 7-2


October 10, 2008Edit

Algebra IIIEdit

  • Math Test
    • Page 541-544 (1-18, 20)

October 9, 2008Edit

Honors EnglishEdit

  • Read passage given in class 10 times.

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