Stephen Biko

Yo house! This is our new wiki! Let's hope we don't get booted!

Let's get wikis working for us! A wiki is an online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively. I'm thinking house rules, meeting minutes, maintenance topics, cooking topics, etc. all be posted here. This would provide a forum for facilitating the evolution of good ideas that will be available to all house and coop members, as well as future cooperative generations. This offers to promote continuity with respect to house/facility issues, tehcniques for healthy living, community building, outreach, etc.

For example:

Meeting schedule

Meeting minutes

Shopping List

Maintenance issues

Ride share postings

Band requests

Valentine's Day Requests

Some examples of what else might be posted on this site

Current deals on local organic produce

Reports on how people have fixed the house internet when it gets janky

The OFFICIAL location of the garlic press and cheese grater, FROM WHICH THEY MUST NOT BE MOVED!!!

Current quiet hours and upcoming parties

Recipes that work


Remember, since any house member/coop member can edit this page, so it can be filled with up-to-the-minute useful info that would form a shared good for all members.

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