Once the only alumni association of the college, the "SUNY Maritime" Alumni Association is now headed by an administration official of alumni affairs and does not truly represent the cadet graduates of the NY Maritime College.


The riff between the alumni and college administration began when SUNY contemplated selling off the Training Ship Empire State, the heart of the institution. It was further fostered with the admission of non-regimented students to the college. Essentially, the Alumni Association wished to retain control of their organization, funding and finances, to be used as they saw fit. Because the traditional alumni association of the college didn't support the implementation of the Non-reg, there was a very good chance that no funds would have been donated to the cause of the non-regimental population. SUNY insisted on appointing their own director for alumni affairs. The Alumni Assocation refused, and a legal battle ensued.

In the end, SUNY wouldn't have any of it, and did the only thing they could: in retaliation SUNY ordered the eviction of the alumni association from Fort Schuyler, and refused to allow the association to use the name "SUNY Maritime College" or any other college term in their name. The association reverted to tradition, renaming themselves the "Fort Schuyler Maritime Alumni Association", a further show of defiance and symbolism. The Alumni Association, though officially independent of the college, remains dedicated to furthering nautical education at NY Maritime College and continuing its traditions. The association funds many cadet scholarships and donations for license and regimental programs.

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