The New York Maritime College Regiment of Cadets is the cornerstone of the Maritime College experience. All students enrolled in a license program of any type must be a cadet as required by Federal Law regulating state maritime academies. Students which are not enrolled in a license program may also opt to be in the regiment. Currently, nearly 80% of all students at the college are members of the Regiment of Cadets.

The regiment, since the beginning of the school, has been a function of the license program. Regardless of federal law, the regiment is meant to also function on a practical basis. In order to safely embark 600+ cadets aboard a training vessel for two months at a time, each cadet be instilled with some sort of discipline and responsibility. Safety is the buzz word in the maritime industry and the ultimate justification for the regiment to exist.

Currently, rumors of non-regimental students (non-reg) possibly being allowed on future training cruises has turned many heads and fiercely angered cadets. From the viewpoint of a regimented student, at its heart, cruise is an invaluable opportunity to visit far away countries and gain experience. However, those advantages don't come without a sacrifice, and to them, that sacrifice is participating in the regiment.

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