Rockwall-Heath High School is a school located in Heath, Texas (USA). The current principal is Tom Maglisceau, who took over after the previous principal gave a large budget to the football program and deprived other extra circular activities.

Future Expansions include a whole new fine arts district, band hall, and a 1500 seat auditorium. This is all part of the 2007 RISD bond election which is the costliest bond in the history of RISD so far. The total cost of the bond is $198 million, which also includes 2 new elementary schools (Celia Hays Elementary School and Sharon Shannon Elementary School which are now open), planning for a third high school, and more.

RHHS Mission statement: "The mission of Rockwall-Heath High School is to cultivate a passion for lifelong learning in a way that fosters integrity, embraces diversity and promotes responsibility so that all students achieve success."


Principal Tom Maglisceau

  • The Mighty Hawk Band - Benjamin Davis
  • Student Council - Leah Voth
  • Academic Decathlon - Kimberly Blain
  • ASL Club - Jonna Varner
  • Chess Club - Vicky Foster
  • Computer Club - Kim Card
  • Crime Stoppers - Gennie Holcomb
  • D-FY-IT - Jonna Varner
  • International Thespian Society - Leigh Wesley
  • FCA - Maggie Younger
  • Highsteppers (Varsity drill team) - Katherine Winn
  • Starsteppers (Junior varsity drill team) - Anna Blair
  • Interact Club - Jennifer Smith
  • Mu Alpha Theta - Cathy Albrecht
  • NHS - Stephanie Cross
  • Newspaper- Leah Voth
  • Yearbook Staff - Leah Voth
  • PALS - Shanon Josephson
  • Robotics Club - Leslie Reese
  • Sailing Club - Jennifer Courbier
  • Step Team - Michelle
  • Writer's Club - Jennifer Macaluso

Created by: A student of RHHS :) Originally copy/pasted from Wikipedia

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