Introduction to Psychology (2008-2009)
Mrs. Dee Gess

Course OverviewEdit

Introduction to scientific psychology as applied to human behavior, including research methods, physiological factors, learning, motivation, emotions, personality, stress, psychological disorders, and therapies. For a more detailed subject list, please see the scope and sequence.

Course ExpectationsEdit

  1. Students will be responsible for any material missed because of absences, whether field trip, sporting event, illness, etc. It is in the student’s best interest to set up a time to meet with me to cover the missed material.
  2. Students will learn to use their text as a study tool and become proficient in reading for pertinent information, as well as taking notes. It is within the student’s best interest to read the text prior to lecture.
  3. Students will learn to read scientific work as well as write expressively.
  4. Students should come to class prepared and on time. Class will start when the bell rings.
  5. All assignments should be completed on time or will receive a penalty. Class time will be much more beneficial to you if you have prepared adequately ahead of time. If there are any extenuating circumstances preventing your completion talk with me before the due date.
  6. All work turned in must be your best work with complete thoughts. I will not accept incomplete or messy work.
  7. Students are responsible for listening in class and checking the web for assignments.


  1. Tests 50% - short answer and essay based
  2. Projects 20% - includes the behavior modification project, a book report, and others assigned throughout the year
  3. Daily 15% - consists of homework, in class and out of class assignments, as well as participation during class and activities
  4. Course Log 15% - will be explained in detail, but will serve as a self-quiz type assignment; students will write about what they are learning as we go along


  1. Three-ring binder (Dividers-optional)
  2. Notebook paper, pencils and blue/black pens
  3. Text book cover
  4. Access to a computer and printer

Help HoursEdit

Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30, Monday through Thursday from 3-3:30. Other times available upon request. Please make arrangements with me ahead of time so I can make sure I am in my room. I prefer for you to write in your “appointment” in the designated calendar.

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