Political Science Syllabus
Mr. Moseley

Course descriptionEdit

This course serves as an introduction to American national government. It will survey the U. S. national political system. The course will give students an analytical perspective on government and politics in the U. S. and its philosophical underpinnings.

Course purposeEdit

Students should know not only who governs, but also what difference it makes who governs. This course attempts to demonstrate how our government institutions and political processes help explain why some policies and not others are adopted. Classic writings in social, economic and political science will be used to supplement information and augment the learning process.

Course outlineEdit

Semester 1Edit

  • Foundations of government (textbook chapters 1 – 4)
  • The Constitution (textbook chapters 5 - 7)
  • Party politics (textbook chapters 8 - 10)

Semester 2Edit

  • Legislative Branch (textbook chapters 11 - 12)
  • Executive Branch (textbook chapters 13 – 16)
  • Judicial Branch (textbook chapters 17 – 18)

Course requirementsEdit

  • Be on time and be prepared for class – textbook, notebook, pen, etc.
  • Be respectful of others - including their opinions and time to talk
  • Be engaged in class – participate
  • Be responsible – Turn in your homework the day that it is due and you should get missed notes, work, schedule make-ups, etc.

Course gradingEdit

The student’s grade will be determined by the following breakdown:

  • Tests – 25%
  • Midterm – 15%
  • Final – 15%
  • Projects – 20%
    • (4 total: 2-3 page essays on topic of choice)
  • Quizzes – 10%
  • Homework – 15%

  • No late homework accepted.
  • After school help class will be on Tuesday from 3:15-4:00pm.
  • Late projects lose 50% of grade.
  • Projects- written assignments will be done using topics from the book “Classic ideas and current issues in American Government” by John J. DiIulio Jr.

Class NotesEdit

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