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The scope of our project is a lesson plan, similar to those Jesse presents in class. This wiki site would be the required reading with links to further information on the topics if you are interested or want to get more information on a particular area to be more versed or to help form and justify your opinion.

At the end of each section we have provided discussion questions, while not all of these need to be considered and while these are not the only things to be considered, they are a good starting point. The idea is to give background knowledge on an area/issue and then have you think about some areas to stir discussion or just make you think about issues related to military (as is similar to what Jesse does in class).

Also included is a powerpoint presentation which would be used to present the class. It includes a very brief overview (just bullets to help you remember what you read) and then a few of the posed questions to start a class discussion. Again, it is not limited to these points, but they are a good starting point.


For as long as the human race has been around, there have been wars. From ancient times until the present day, wars have raged across the globe for many different reasons. Militaries have risen and fallen time and time again. With such a long history, the concepts of militaries and war have changed dramatically over time. Ranging from primitive methods of fighting in ancient times to present day high technology warfare, the human race has certainly devoted much time and effort to improving how wars are fought. Being such a large portion of human history, wars and military technology have certainly impacted society in many ways. This paper will address military technology and its development over time. It will also address the impacts of military technology on society as a whole. Primary points of discussion include but are not limited to changing frontlines and warfare, the conduct of war, aggressive defense, passive defense, smart technology, and mental warfare. Each of these topics will be discussed in order to demonstrate the technological advancements made in each category, and the effect of such advancements on society.


Due to various terrains in the world and technological advancements, warfare styles vary. Depending on the geographic locations of certain conflicts, the militaries have to change or alter tactics constantly, in order to compensate for different the types of warfare. This is demonstrated throughout history. In the following paragraphs, major wars, aspects of warfare, and types of warfare are discussed in relation to changes that have come about in each area throughout history.


The conduct of war is as varied as war itself. Many factors and options are weighed when a military is confronted with war. Such choices include war legitimacy, success, civilian factors, and many other options. To the public, the term “attack” can have many different meanings depending on how the public interprets it. Some may believe that it means any force that our military uses in war to ensure their safety or to eliminate the enemy. Our military defines the term attack as, “an attempt to actively strike at the enemy, as opposed to a defensive plan of stopping enemy attacks. The attempt may be to conquer (or deny to enemy use) enemy territory, installations, personnel, or equipment.”[1] The weapons used and their legitimacy are discussed in this section.


The military’s defenses can be broken into two overall categories: passive and aggressive defense. Aggressive defenses are devices used by the military on attacking devices. These include lasers to destroy incoming missiles, anti-aircraft artillery, among others. Passive defenses are devices which take not action. These are items such as armor (both personal and for vehicles and buildings) camouflage, etc.

Smart TechnologyEdit

Today’s military is increasingly dependent on technology and precision in weaponry, particularly in the missiles and bombs used in modern warfare. With this increase in usage of “smart” bombs and missiles, military strikes on targets have become more accurate and have produced less collateral damage than is years past. Down to a few feet, objects can successfully be targeted and destroyed from miles away, all while preserving civilian life and infrastructure. However, have technologically advanced countries become too reliant on high-tech weaponry in warfare? Is there a downfall in relying on high-tech missiles and bombs when fighting wars? How does the use of high-tech missiles and bombs affect the “human” aspect of warfare?

Mental WarfareEdit

Mental Warfare relates to just that, how war is waged in the mind. These topics range from propaganda from the enemy to second-guessing decisions to changing military strategies to becoming to unattached from the actual events. The mental aspects of war can be very detrimental to veterans as can be seen from the many suffering from post war stress. This section aims to raise some controversial issues which affect both the members of the armed forces and the public.


As demonstrated in this paper, military technology is constantly advancing and such technological advancements continue to impact society. With high technology warfare, military campaigns are moving farther and farther away from the so called primitive military techniques of past generations. With such advancement, the impact of warfare on society is constantly changing in many different ways. In this report, primary points of discussion included changing frontlines and warfare, the conduct of war, aggressive defense, passive defense, smart technology, and mental warfare. Each of these topics was discussed in order to demonstrate the technological advancements made in each category, and the effect of such advancements on society. From this report, it is now understandable why so many “touchy” questions about modern day warfare have arisen. It is also apparent that increased usage of technology in the military has changed warfare and its impact on society forever.



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