In order to work in Australia, you will need

  • a student visa with permission to work. That is: valid student visa class 570-576 with visa condition 8101
  • a tax file number
  • to be in Australia
  • to have commenced course in your own university

Student Visa with Permission to WorkEdit

You'll first need to apply for the permission to work before all else.

This can be done either via the Internet (if you are using an e-visa) or via post.

Via the internet:

  1. Your education provider will have to notify DIAC to confirm that you've already commenced your course
  2. Complete the online application here :
  3. Pay for your application using BPAY or credit card
  4. Collect the label from your local DIAC office once you have been informed that it is ready.

Via post

  1. Get your form from :
  2. Get your education provider to sign and stamp the form
  3. Obtain a money order for application fee of A$60 from any post office and make it payable to "DIAC"
  4. Send the money order and form to DIAC
  5. Collect the label from your local DIAC office once you have been informed that it is ready.

Tax File Number (TFN)Edit

If you plan to work part-time while studying in Australia, you will also need a TFN.

This is a unique number issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to individuals and organizations to increase the efficiency in administering tax and other Commonwealth Government systems such as Income Support payments.

It is important to apply for a TFN when you arrive in Australia. Any income you earn will be taxed at a higher rate if you do not have a TFN. You need to submit your TFN to your bank to gain exemption from very high tax rate imposed on interest bearing accounts.

Before obtaining a TFN, you will need to apply for a student work visa from the Department of Immigration. Information on how one can apply should be available at your university's international student office. There are limitations and conditions attached to student work visas.

After which, the TFN application can be lodged online at the Australian Taxation Office’s website.

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