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This mini-wiki is a place where Overseas Singaporean Students can share information about their student lives overseas. It is intended as a persistent reference source, for both seasoned overseas students and freshmen alike.

Student associations for Singaporeans (hereforth termed as SSAs - Singapore Students' Associations) are also encouraged to share resources on this wiki.

Readers can (and are strongly encouraged to) edit these pages, and you can look up the category to browse all Overseas Singaporean Students content.

At the moment, these pages are maintained by Dale Tan of UNSW, Sydney, Australia, at the moment, who can be reached on dale(at) If you wish to help, do feel free to email him.

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Initial Content Upload

Included is the source document for the initial content upload. If you wish to help, you can always grab a section from the doc, upload and format it for this Wiki.

If you need help, feel free to email me or type your question into the discussion page.

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