Notes for Old English Period
Honors English (12) (ELCA)
English 12 (ELCA)

I. The Ecclesiastical History of the English People
    A. Shows the religious and political mentality of the old english
        1. Pagan are not happy with there condition
        2. Pagan know they need religious truth.
        3. Introduction to the Witan
    B. Contains the earliest serving English poem and a general spirit
     of praise.
    C. Bede and Conversion of Eden
        1. Edwin was the King of Northunbria Was Converted in 627 in
         York by the missionary work of Paulinus 
        2. To show is appreciation, Paulinus becomes the Archbishop of
            a) 25 years prior, Augustine converted Ethelbert of Kent,
             and named Augustine the Archbishop of Canterbury.
        3. The Councils Comparison of our lives
            a) Where did I come from?
                (1) Bible says we were created by God out of dust.
            b) Where am I going?
                (1) Bible says Heaven or Hell - Based upon Salvation
            c) Why am I here?
                (1) Bible says To Glorify God
        4. Caedmon's Hymn
            a) Progression of Content
            b) Unifying symbols
II. Epic
     A long, stylized narrative poem celebrating the deeds of a
     national hero.
    A. Folk Epic
    B. Literary Epic
         Written by more "advanced" society.
    C. Characteristics
        1. Didactic
            a) Epics are designed to teach from the example of a person.
        2. Once regarded as the chief of genre.
        3. Must be grand in scale
        4. Must have a genealogy or list
            a) Beowulf has a genealogy.
            b) Paradise Lost has a list of things found in heaven
                (1) Names of demons in Hell
III. Beowulf
    A. Poets aim to teach and delight
    B. Wisdom conveyed has two parts
        1. To show the importance of virtue the constitute the
         Anglo-Saxon idea
            a) What does it mean to be a hero?
        2. To Show the superiority of Christianity to Paganism
    C. Divisions
        1. Younger Beowulf
            a) Fight with Grendel
            b) Beowulf's fight with Grendel's mom
            c) Problem with Pride
        2. Beowulf 50 years later
            a) Fight with a Dragon.
            b) There Greed
                (1) People stole something from the Dragon
    D. Begins with death of King and ends with a death of King
    E. Gloomy tone
    F. Key Themes
        1. The Superiority of Christianity over Paganism
    G. Committals
        1. Relationship between Rulers and Thanes
        2. Ruler
            a) Provide Food, Shelter, Payment
        3. Thanes
            a) Fight, defend, die for the Ruler.
    H. Two Features in Old English Poetry
        1. Variation
            a) Many ways of saying the same thing
        2. Kenning
            a) A metaphoric compound of two words.
    I. History
        1. Translated by Alfred the Greats translators.
        2. Only found in Old English, but was originally Scandinavian,
         written in a Germanic Language.
        3. Moral ideas are reinforced by Old English poetic devises.
IV. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
    A. 1016
        1. Attributes the defeat of the English people due to a lack of
         unheroic property
            a) Edmund lacked prudence
            b) Ethelred lacked fortitude
            c) Edric lacked Loyalty
        2. Edmund had to content with:
            a) His fathers week leadership
            b) THe instability of the people
            c) The greater mobility of the invaders
        3. The Struggle pitted two Germanic tribes against each other
        4. Anglo-Saxons once terrorized England
        5. Dane-law was a large number of Danish village that might side
         with invaders.
    B. 1086 [1087]
        1. Positive and Negative aspects of Williams reign
            a) Fortitude
            b) Prudence
            c) No Generosity
                (1) In contrast with english rulers
                (2) He won his peoples hatred.
        2. The writer is appalled by Williams cruelty but awed by the
         efficiency of his rule.
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