New Asia College (新亞書院), NAC or simply NA in short, is one of the four black boxes students fall into after enrolling a bachelor's degree in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The New Asia Paradox

Found by a group resounded Chinese scholars, in a vision re-establishing traditional Chinese education framework and value, New Asia College had been survived by giving up its essence. The college's history is composed of the most ironic scenes of the Hong Kong education stories.

The heydays of New Asia College was full of difficulties. Whilst the most respected figures, including teachers and students, struggled for their vocation as educators, they lived their lives as ideal examples of Neo Confucism. Their thoughts, their conduct and their stories had condensed into what so called NA Spirit (新亞精神) in the trailers' lips.

However, the founders were losing their base during the growth of the college. Many famous teachers were seduced to Taiwan. The college administration power was given up in a process of exchanging government subsidy and establishing a bigger size certificate printing Chinese University. With looser relationship to the charismatic core, students and teachers were losing track with a common value. The NA Spirit had evolved into a myth or an elegy.

Nowadays, the President of the College regards his duty as a fund raiser. No longer lead by Neo Confucism praxis, the College had been a colonial apparatus of claiming empty educational appeals.

Topics of interest

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The Student Union's Interpretations

This wikia is initiated by a former committee of the NAC student union. Hopefully, more enthusiasts with different stands and background may join and expand topics. In orders to keep facts from opinions, documentary record from NAC student union will be presented in this devoted section. Comments and amendments with accordance are welcomed.

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