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Prevention is better than CureEdit

[| Cancer Kits] Every year 655, 000 deaths are being recorded worldwide due to colorectal cancer also known as colon cancer or bowel cancer; this is based form the data given by the World health Organization released February of 2006. It is also stressed that colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer and the second-leading cause of cancer-related death in the Western World. It is a distressing scenario to look at, for the reason that the effects of this cancer can be minified with the aid of the latest technologies, innovations, inventions, and discoveries in the medical world. Why do people need to die suffering this kind of disease if at an early stage we can do something to keep it from invading and destructing our system? Early detection of this disease leading to prevention is better than any cure. Most colorectal cancers should be preventable, through increased surveillance, improved lifestyle and the use of dietary chemopreventative agents. The second and the succeeding conditions may be acceptable but looking putting it on the surveillance requirement would be impossible for most, this is for the reason that we cannot see what’s happening inside our body, and we can never tell whether we are affected with the disease. They must have some points, but generally this should not be a reason. Today, [| Cancer Kits] are made available to the market enable for those people suspecting and showing the symptoms of colon cancer do the necessary procedures to prevent the disease from spreading. Treatment would mean expense; normally a colon cancer can be prevented depending on its stage, the earlier it is being detected would mean greater likely to be cured, this suggest that there is no assurance. What people must do is to detect whether they are positive of the disease using [| cancer kits] which normally cost $8.00 and seek the assistance of professionals who knows better about the procedure of treatment. As early as possible we should be acquainted and aware, we may not know we may be one innocent victim.

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