*Add mnemonic here.*Edit

How to edit this page and add your mnemonic here? Its not difficult at all and will take just a few minutes .And your addition will be published instantly.

Step 1 :Find the edit button on top of this page and click on it.

Step 2 :Type in the content (mnemonic).The buttons on top of the page can be used to make a sentence a headline,make letters /text bold or italicize them.Here are a few tips that may prove useful.

a)To make any letter/word bold :Type the word within 3 single quotes.

b)To make a sentence a headline type the sentence within two equal to signs.

c)To Italicise text type the text within two single quotes.

Step 3 :Click on the Show Preview button below the page to preview what you have done and finally make sure that you click the Save page button when you are done.

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