Kshitij 2008 Edit

Kshitij, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur, was held in 2008 from 31st January, 2008 to 3rd February 2008.

External Workshops Edit

In keeping with its principal aim of fostering the spirit of techno-managerial education, team Kshitij organizes workshops across the country. These workshops are held before the fest. Workshops had been organised at Kolkata, Noida, Bhopal, Raipur and Jaipur. These workshops focused on robotics, and entrepreneurship. Students across the country were demonstrated how to create simple robots from scratch, and motivated to participate in the robotix events to be held at Kharagpur during Kshitij 2008.


Kshitij hosts a plethora of events, which interests engineering students and the management students alike from across the country. Many events have prior online submissions as their first round, from which the shortlisted participants compete in Kharagpur. Their are also on the spot events, for which all the rounds are held during Kshitij itself.

The attraction for these events are not just their quality, but also the huge prize money associated with each event. The total prize money for Kshitij 2008 was in excess of 30 lakhs.

The events were broadly classified under many broad categories :

  • Genesis : Events held before Kshitij actually begins at Kharagpur.
    • C up your skills : A coding event for c/c++. This event is open only for participants from IIT Kharagpur.
    • Mindsport : A competition where the problem statements are puzzles and brain teasers. This competition too, is open only for the inhouse participants of Kharagpur.
    • Woodstock : One of the most popular events of Kshitij, this event is a real time simulation of the National Stock Exchange and involves in trading of shares for profits. This event saw a participation in excess of 10,000.
    • Forex : An event loosely on the lines of woodstock, it involves trading of foreign exchange and currencies.
    • Excalibur : An event spread across three rounds, this is an online biz quiz competition.
    • Relic Hunter : This is an online treasure hunt event, where participants navigate their way through pages by solving puzzles and riddles.
    • Math Challenge : An online mathematics event based on the standards of mathematics olympiads. This event was open only to the in house participants.
  • Quizzard : This category has a plethora of quizzing events
    • Tech quiz : Quiz based on the tech industry
    • Biz quiz : Quiz based on the business world
    • India Inc : Any and everything related to India.
  • Conceptualize : Events involving lot of creativity.
    • OpenSoft : The open ended software design competition.
    • Open Hardware : The open ended hardware design competition.
    • B Plan : The business plan competition.
    • Eureka : The technical paper presentaion competition.
    • Javawise : The open ended mobile software design competition.
  • Theories N Core : Events which are based on the practical application of theoretical concepts.
    • Overnite : The overnite c programming contest, an event held throughout the night. This year the event was certified by ACM ICPC, only the second event in the country to be certified thus.
    • Math Olympiad : Event for mathematics enthusiasts, which has olympiad level problems.
    • Anadigix : The electronic circuit design contest.
    • Economic Modeling : Event in which participants are required to develop an econimic model for a given problem statement.
  • Robotix
    • Mission Mars : A coding event based on exploring the surface of Mars, using the concept of swarm bots.
    • Robo Relay : A relay race for robots!
    • Stackistics : An event in which bots are used to stack objects.
    • Terra Ranger : An event in which a bot has to be built which can move over varied types of surfaces.
    • I.M.A.G.E. : An image processing event. This event is fully autonomous one.
  • Ab Initio : Events where things are built from scratch
    • Nirmaan : An on the spot construction event.
    • Nightshift : Junkyard wars, throughout the night.
    • Laws of Motion : Event where bot is built to move over a specally designed ramp.
  • Strategia : Events involving strategy and logic.
    • Tycoons : An event where participants set up their own KPO, and run it in specific given situations.
    • Exemplar : A dynamic case-study of marketing a product.
    • El Matador : Futures market trading event.
    • Corporate Debate : A debate event based on board room scenarios.
    • Brand Gaia : An event on branding, based on ecological themes.
    • Atelier : An advertising event.
  • Tech 4 Fun
    • Snappit : Photography event.
    • Techquila : Fun games during the fest.
    • Xgames : LAN games, like counter strike and ages of empires.
  • Industrial Design Problem : Event where actual industry problems are given, this year given by GE.
    • Carbón : Event based on the problem faced in the feeding of coal in coal gassifiers.
    • Energía : Event to increase the efficiency of wind turbines.
  • Moot Court Competition : A new event introduced in Kshitij 2008, for the law students. Moot courts based on technology law.

Kshitij, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur, was held in 2008 from 31st January, 2008 to 3rd February 2008.

Guest LecturesEdit

  • K.Eric Drexler : Often described as "The Father of Nanotechnology", Eric Drexler set the technical direction for the field in his seminal 1981 paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which established fundamental principles of molecular engineering and development paths to advanced nanotechnologies.
  • Jimmy Donal Wales : Founder of Wikipedia
  • Lawrence M Krauss : Theoretical Physicist and author of the bestseller 'Physics of Star-trek
  • M.C.Mehta : The World's Most well-known Environmental lawyer. He is a crusader for the environment of India. An attorney in the Supreme Court of India, one of the founders of the Indian Council for Enviro-Legal Action (ICELA), he is also the Director of the M.C. Mehta Environmental Foundation in New Delhi. It is due to the sole efforts of this man and his landmark environmental cases, that India's natural and cultural treasures - including the Ganges River and the Taj Mahal, are now protected from the adverse effects of pollution.
  • Dilip Chhabria : Dilip Chhabria is India's best known automobile designer and the founder of DC Design.
  • Roger D. Kornberg : Roger David Kornberg is an American biochemist and professor of structural biology at Stanford University School of Medicine. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006, 47 years after his father Arthur was given Nobel Prize in Medicine.


Several workshops are conducted during Kshitij

  • Workshop on Cryptology : It was conducted by Dr. P K Saxena. He has been appointed as Director of the Scientific Analysis Group, DRDO in 2003.
  • Workshop on Microfinance
  • Workshop on Rocketry : Workshop on 'Model rocketry' to be conducted by the 'Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Center, Ahmedabad'.
  • Workshop on kite modeling :It was conducted by Mr Iqbal Hussain from Switzerland,the best in his field having flown a 600m long kite across the Niagara Falls.


  • Globe 4D : Adding time as a fourth dimension to the globe, Globe 4D is an interactive projection of the Earth's surface on a physical sphere.
  • Ultra-Orb : The grandeur display of 3D color animation of sphere created from LED's that glows at a precise moment giving you an illusion of 3D volumetric sphere.
  • Robo-Garage : An enthralling display of robots, developed by Tomotaka Takahashi at Kyoto University.

Social cause of the festEdit

Taking the festival to the next dimension, Kshitij 2008 will have "Project Green Earth" as the theme of the festival. Workshops, events and Guest lectures will be conducted to create an awareness on Global warming. There were three events under 'Project Green Earth'

  • Brand Gaia
  • Guest Lecture by Mr. M C Mehta
  • Workshop on Carbon Trading by ITC

Red CarpetEdit

  • Jason Latimer : The 'Champion of magic', Jason went on to become only the third American to be awarded with the Grand Prix of Magic by performing his famous Cups and Balls effect with clear glass cups at a very young age of 21.
  • Conflux : Panel discussion on the topic - "Which is more important for India today : Pure innovation or absorption and usage of ideas from outside?". Th e panelists were -
    • A.Srikanth - Asst. VP, SKS Micro Finance Read
    • Dr. Vijayan Immanuel - Head Training Employee Higher Education HCL Technologies
    • Harsh Manglik - Chairman & MD, Accenture India.
    • Dr. Asokan - Chief Scientist of GE global research
    • Vivian Fernandes - Economic Policy Editor and Bureau Chief, CNBC India.
  • Pyromania : An athletic and graceful display of a laser show that one can never get enough of. The visual treat of a high end laser show was be coupled with the daredevilry of an acclaimed fire jugglery troop. It was a physical and visual theater with pyrotechnics, fiber optics and innovative lighting effects. This troupe was specially flown in from ISRAEL and has had the honor of performing at the prestigious MTV UK awards.

The teamEdit

The Core team comprises of students representatives, comprising of 4th year, 3rd year and 2nd year students of IIT Kharagpur.

Steering Committee

  • Kunal Kashyap - vice president
  • Himangshujyoti Hazarika
  • Vivek Agarwal
  • Karan Bhawsinka
  • Gyandeep Moumi
  • Utkarsh Agarwal
  • Anshuman Srivastava
  • Sarabmeet Singh Kallar
  • Shuvo Bannerjee
  • Hansraj Mishra
  • Prateek Hakay
  • Kshitj Gupta
  • Aniket
  • Abhijeet Nath
  • Harsh Vijay Singh

Core team Heads

  • Nikhil Singh - general secretary
  • Anand Kanodia - general secretary
  • N Raghav
  • Ankit Bhangar
  • Nishad Kenkre
  • Arnav
  • Nitin Singhal
  • Ambuj Kashyap
  • Varun jain
  • Saurabh Khurana
  • Ashish Srivastava
  • Aniruddha Sharma
  • Dipa Dubhashi
  • Bhaskar Rakshit
  • Eisha Srivastava
  • Karishma Deepak Kapadia
  • Aashish Nawal
  • Sourabh Agarwal

Core Team members

  • Ayush Kumar
  • Shobhit Singhal
  • Akhil Naru
  • Dhawal Nanda
  • Abhinav Shashank
  • Pulkit Anand
  • Anubhav Sahoo
  • Monish Salhotra
  • Prabhat Kumar
  • Rohit Kumar
  • Abinash Panigrahi
  • M Narendra
  • Sharad Sen Sharma
  • Akshay Sharma
  • Bharat mantha
  • Shubham Sharma
  • Ankit Goenka
  • Shubham Matah
  • Ashish Sogani
  • Ashutosh Mahapatra
  • Ankur Gupta
  • Himank Shanker
  • Udit Kejriwal
  • Adya Anima
  • Shaily Nimodia
  • Soumya Challa
  • Manisha Velugotti


  • Title Sponsor : Barclays Capital
  • Strategic Sponsors
    • Ceat - Strategic Innovations Partner
    • Intel - Technology Development Partner
    • State Bank of India - Strategic Business Partner
    • Vodafone - Strategic Communications Partner.
  • Major Sponsors
    • Google
    • HP
    • GE
    • Adobe - Arena Sponsor
    • HAL
    • ITC - Project Green earth
  • Media Sponsors
    • CHIP - Technology Media partner
    • - Online media partner
    • Radio Mirchi - Radio partner
    • IMI - Business media partner
    • CNBC TV 18 - TV media partner
    • JAM (Just Another Magazine) - Youth media partner
    • Times of India - Print media partner
  • Event sponsors
    • Phillips
    • Unitech
    • SAP
    • Cable and wireless
    • SAIL
    • ALSTOM
    • Mentor Graphics
    • Control & Switchgear group
    • DE Shaw & Co.
    • Career Launcher
    • TVS Electronics
    • Cairn energy
    • Honeywell
    • Fair Isaac
    • MAGMA
    • NTPC
  • Other Sponsors
    • Atmel - prizes
    • India co - prizes
    • indialinks - web links partner
    • Channel 8 - judges
    • Mobapp world technologies - mobile event guide

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