Physics Class Syllabus

Materials NeededEdit

  • Scientific calculator with log, scientific notation and trig functions (available at most office supplies and discount stores)
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper
  • White computer paper (lab reports must be typed)
  • Graph paper
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Book cover
  • Text:Foundations of Physics by CPO Science, 2004 Edition

Course DescriptionEdit

Physics is a physical science laboratory course describing the physical laws governing the universe. The course involves a description of various types of motion, forces, energy, as well as a host of various wave mechanics concepts, such as: light, sound, and electromagnetic phenomena. Additionally, extensive laboratory research is conducted to reinforce the concepts studied. First semester, we will deal primarily with motion in one and two dimensions, forces, energy, and momentum. Second semester, we will deal with wave mechanics, electricity and magnetism.

Class GuidelinesEdit

  • Be on time
  • Be prepared
  • Be on task
  • Be respectful


There are four elements that make up your grade. Assigned work is due at the beginning of the period. Late work will have a 25% deduction from the final grade. Work that is more than 1 week past due will not be accepted.

  • Tests/Projects : 40%
  • Homework/Daily : 20%
  • Labs : 25% (Labs are a privilege; misconduct will not be tolerated.)
  • Final Exam : 15%

There will be one or two major projects each semester. These projects are an opportunity for you to take control of your grade and to improve it.

Students are responsible for all make-up work. It is your responsibility to approach me before or after class to receive all missed assignments.

As an ELCA student, you are to follow the guidelines for our Science Classroom as well as those stated in your Student Handbook and on the Lab Safety Guidelines.

Classroom RulesEdit

  • No eating or chewing gum in the classroom or lab.
  • No food or drink (including water) is allowed in teh classroom or lab.
  • When you enter the classroom, be seated and begin working on the class opener located on the board.

Class NotesEdit

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