EDUC E-102

Introduction to Educational Technologies

Professor: Stacie Cassat Green

Teaching Assistant: Denise Grey

Review: The university course description claims that E-102 "demystifies" computers and networks so current and aspiring educators can use them to enhance classroom learning. [1] This demystification process has recently drawn great criticism from prominent techie geeks on campus and across the country who wish to save their elite status from the ignorant minions trampling on their turf. Who are these audacious subordinates? Why have they suddenly been roused from their cozy archaic classrooms to pursue technological triumph and the transformation of the teaching world? You will have to visit to find out. This covert class is only open about the enigmas of IT operations. Rumor has it that the professor, Stacie Cassat Green, is arming mere teachers to wage the battle for a technological revolution. [citation needed] What will they do? Throw chalk and erasers? The situation has come under review, but, as a typical Harvard professor, Ms. Green has little worry. She believes her protégés will be competent champions of the digital boom. Whether or not her confidence is founded is yet to be determined. Regardless of their accomplishment, these IT neophytes are delighted with their discoveries. A former star pupil, TA Denise Grey just couldn't pull herself away from the class. One often overhears other former course participants reminiscing about those long Saturday afternoons with endless experimenting, leisurely lunches, and cheerful chatting. The author of this article recently spoke with one such student who poked around the classroom door when he just “happened” to be nearby during a class session. He did not appear to be overly idealistic or bigheaded, but his high school business students were not available for comment.

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