Friday's The Day Edit

"Friday's The Day" was an elaborate and wide-spread prank played on the larger Newcastle, New South Wales community by two students (names withheld) of Lambton High School. The prank consisted of posters, phone calls, text messages, rumours and even a website (since taken down) declaring that Friday, 10th March, 2006 be 'The Day'.

Origins Edit

Supposedly, the prank originated from the two students discussing the hypocrisy of their parents. One of the students stated that one of their parents had done something similar during their time at high school. From there, the idea, originally a passing flight of fancy, grew into a conspiracy.

Purpose Edit

According to the two students, they pulled such a massive prank simply to see the ramifications of such an act. They claim that there was no event planned for the friday, but this has never been verified.

Consequences Edit

The prank caused widespread panic amongst the community. Other local Schools, such as Jesmond High School and Newcastle High School, had heard of the incident and rumours were spreading concerning a war of sorts between the schools. There were rumours of an uprising against the schools, rumours of mass arson amongst the community and even a state-wide 'no-school' day, involving every student in the state staying home from school. A counter-terrorism unit from Sydney was called in to assess the threat.

The students were reported to the principal of Lambton High School by an undisclosed student, after the prank supposedly grew beyond their control. The students were suspended for 2 weeks. Once the 10th of March rolled around, it was revealed it was simply a ploy to build suspense among the community.

Implications Edit

The implications of such a scandal are numerous. Two boys and their idea managed to send an entire community into irrational panic. Many believe this is an indication of the times, where the slightest threat of a terrorist attack will send people into a frenzy. Others believe it was simply a schoolboy prank gone awry.

Related Links Edit

[1] Screenshot of fridays the day website. The site featured a flash cartoon in which the user was required to click a button, causing the date of the friday and "BE THERE" to appear.


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