This was reprinted with permission from CampusFundraiser (

Delta Chi Fraternity at the University of Maryland needed money badly; Doug Friedman brought them an innovative fundraising program from CampusFundraiser and they make over $2,100!

Doug was quick to point out that the fraternity had used in the past and that they has strayed away from the programs offered there because of lack of interest. But when the group needed big money to fund and social event they turned back to the "best fundraising solution on the planet" and made a ton of money.

The Delta Chi brothers participated in the Sell 3 Magazine Fundraiser and, just at the title would suggest, sold 3 magazines each in just under 1 week. "This was my first fundraising event and I was thrilled with the results. We surpassed our goal of 90 magazines and made $2080 which was put toward our social budget. The staff was helpful and it gave me great leadership experience, I would highly recommend CF to any organization" says Friedman.

Now more then ever, companies like CampusFundraiser provide a needed service to groups both large and small. Check out details on all of there programs at

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