Caution: This is just one example, how a basic mini wiki could be arranged.

University College Oxford

Main entrance of Example University in Summer 2006

The Example University (often called Ex University) was founded 1713 in Oxdontown, capital of United Wikiland, and is the biggest university in Oxdontown. Today the university has a student population of around 15,000, including both undergraduate and graduate students. Some more (but not too much) text is reasonable for introduction pages. You can copy this page to have a general structure, and broaden it according to your needs. See the next section for supposed subpages of a university's mini wiki.

More Information Edit


Basic Facts Edit

Example University
Wikimax Square
Oxdontown, XD3 8YF4
phone: +76 (0)1234 56789012
"Be bold! Write about Oxdontown."
Another important fact

Note: All subpages of one university's mini wiki must be tagged with [[Category:Example University]] at the bottom of each page.

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