Welcome to Effective Communication Edit

Welcome to Effective Communication! TWelcome to Effective Communication! This course is designed to enhance your ability to employ English for academic and professional purposes. Your linguistic proficiency will be improved through individual and collaborative tasks, designed to develop your language skills. Recent advances in information and communications technology have contributed to the development of new kinds of literacies, which already form part of day-to-day life both in academia and in professional settings.

Course aims Edit

One of the overarching aims of the course is to raise your awareness of different text types and genres. This wiki provides you with a space to practice collaborative writing. Here, you can create and edit your own texts, add pages, and revise or comment on others' work.

Societies and cultures. Focus on paragraph structure and coherence Edit

Argumentation Edit

Topic 1 The Death Penalty - Righteous Retribution or Unjust Execution?

Topic 2 Tuition fees - a profit for Sweden?

Topic 3 Corporate Social Responsibility: Unnecessary costs or increased revenue?

Topic 4 Soft and Hard Drugs: a necessary distinction?

Topic 5 Education should not be for the rich but for all who are interested

Topic 6 Capital punishment

Topic 7 Legal marriage right for gays and lesbians

Topic 8 It is not right baptise newborn infants

Topic 9 The Electric Car - climate solution or creator of poverty?

Topic 10 Do we still need journalists?

Topic 11 Give me some (quiet) space!

Topic 12 Children should not be oppressed by adults!

Topic 13 Public transportation for free

Topic 14 Smoking in public places should be banned in all countries

Topic 15 Abortion: right or wrong?

Topic 16 One step towards a better environment - from private cars to public transport

Topic 17 The mentally handicapped should not be allowed to have children

Topic 18 The ache of an overseas Chinese student

Topic 19 Are dams environmentally friendly?

Topic 20 New topic. Please do not insert the title here. DO NOT edit the main page.

Topic 21 New topic. Please do not insert the title here. DO NOT edit the main page.

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