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Economics Syllabus
Mr. Moseley

Course descriptionEdit

This course will focus on basic economic principles. It will teach an understanding of economic issues present today and a preparation of what may lie ahead in the students’ academic career. It will combine economics with a Biblical philosophy and scriptural emphasis.

Course outlineEdit

Quarter 1Edit

  • Unit 1: Economics: The Science of Choice (textbook chapters 1-3)
  • Unit 2: Economics of the Nation (textbook chapters 4-6)

Quarter 2Edit

  • Unit 3: Economics of the Business Firm (textbook chapters 7-8)
  • Unit 4: Economics of the Financial Market (textbook chapters 9-10)
  • Unit 5: Economics of the Government (textbook chapters 11-14)

Course Project/PresentationEdit

Each student will give a 5 minute in-class speech (with a 1-2 page outline of the speech) on one of the following topics or an Instructor approved subject. This project will be due by the 2nd week of quarter 2:

  • Mercantilism- give an historical overview (of France, Britain or Spain) of the positive and negative benefits and which types of products were traded.
  • Capitalism- discuss the various types of capitalism with the writer expressing an opinion on whether capitalism is beneficial or not.
  • Socialism- discuss the difference between capitalism vs. socialism and offer a Biblical perspective on both economic systems.

Course RequirementsEdit

  • Always be on time for class and be prepared for class- (textbook, notebook, workbook, pen, etc.)
  • Always be respectful of others- including their opinion and time to talk
  • Always be responsible- you need to get missed notes, work, schedule make-ups, etc.
  • Most importantly: ALWAYS, DO YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST.
  • No late homework accepted- grade will be entered as a 0 (zero) for that assignment.
  • Late projects lose 50% of grade.

Course GradingEdit

The student’s grade will be determined by the following breakdown:

Chapter Tests – 35%

Final Exam – 20%

Homework/Class work – 20%

Project – 15%

Quizzes – 10%

After School HoursEdit

I will be available to help students after school on Tuesday's from 3:15pm-4:00pm.

Class NotesEdit

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