Results to Unofficial Mock Election 2008Edit

Presidential Race Senate Race
John McCain (R) (58%) Saxby Chambliss (R) (75%)
Chuck Baldwin (Constitution) (42%) Allen Buckley (L) (25%)
  • Neither Democratic Party Candidate Received a single vote.

Results to the Mockery of the Election 2008Edit

The Mockery of the Election is a spoof of the real election. Students ran for different positions acting like dramitizations of real candidates, over emphasizing the issues and acting stereotypical.

Prez Race
Prez Candidate Party Votes Percentage of Vote
"Bossman" Grand Ole Day 27 36%
"Robbs" CHOPE 9 12%
"Dictator" Jay's Party 25 33%
"Da MAN" Free Liberty 15 20%

Rep Race
Rep Candidate Party Votes Percentage of Vote
"Da Beast" Grand Ole Day 43 56%
"Bassist" CHOPE 5 6%
"da man" Jay's Party 29 38%

Judge Race
Judge Candidate Party Votes Percentage of Vote
"Wayne" Grand Ole Day 13 17%
"Holy Man" CHOPE 30 39%
"The Spirit in da Sky" Jay's Party 31 40%
"The Fastest Man in da State" Free Liberty 2 3%

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