Projects are one of the most important parts of the DVHS educational system. Most projects are integral parts of established curriculum, so each graduating class will do the same projects. However, some projects do change from year to year, and projects are occasionally added or dropped. All of these projects are independently developed, not pulled out of a textbook or teacher's guide, which requires a lot of preparation work by teachers.

Note: This is a partial list, but hopefully will be completed at some point in the future.

Sophomore ProjectsEdit

Junior ProjectsEdit

  • New Bazzwazzle is a project that involves an extensive simulated realestate and investment market. The project is focused on the industrial revolution.
  • MBTV is the last project of the year, where students make a music video that represents an entire decade.

Senior ProjectsEdit

  • Bussiness Time is an extensive project that deals with the details of small business economics, where students create a simulated business.
  • It's Alive! is a project about Bioethics that includes reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
  • Hail to the Chief is a very large project where groups run in a mock election based on political platforms they've come up with, and involves a lot of learning about the electoral system and government hierarchies.
  • The Senior Project is the last project of the year, where each group selects a topic that they would like to teach about, and prepares a lesson plan to present in front of the class.

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