Lotus Notes is an application used at Da Vinci as an "electronic planner" Lotus Notes also is used for electronic versions of worksheets and assignments


Lotus Notes stores data in "Databases". There are three principal kinds of databases used at Da Vinci


Briefcases hold documents related to a particular project. Usually, this includes the requirements for the project and group contract, as well as informational resources and study guides.

Class agendasEdit

These contain the classwork and homework for the day broken up by class


These are databases that allow you to submit work electronically. Types of work submitted through journals include in-class assignments, homework, essays, and daily warmups.


Lotus Notes also functions as an email program. It supports both standard email over the Internet, as well as a protocol called "Lotus Mail" that supports sending email to Da Vinci students simply by typing their name in the address field. Notes offers a robust email client that supports spam filtering, message encryption, and digital signatures.

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