BSafe(note the "BS") 8e6 is the name of the web filtering application used at Da Vinci.


DJUSD is legally obligated to block "inappropriate" web content. T fulfill this purpose, the 8e6 web filter is used.

Blocking modesEdit

8e6 has two blocking modes. It can be used via a central server(which is what happens at school) and it can also run as a program on a computer, in order to block web sites when the computer is connected to a non-school network.

Server modeEdit

In server mode, the web filtering is performed via DaVinci's internet gateway. This often results in strange "proxy error" messages.

Local computer modeEdit

In local computer mode, filtering is performed based on a program located on the individual computers. For some strange reason, the local mode filters are stricter than the server-based ones(though easier to bypass

See alsoEdit

Circumventing web filters

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