Cut was written by Patricia McCormick and was published in 2002.


Cut by Patricia McCormick

Callie cuts herself. Never too deep, never enough to die. But enough to feel the pain. Enough to feel the scream inside. Now she's at Sea Pines, a "residential treatment facility" filled with girls struggling with problems of their own. Callie doesn't want to have anything to do with them. She doesn't want to have anything to do with anyone. She won't even speak. But Callie can only stay silent for so long...

Plot Summary Edit

Fifteen-year-old Callie isn't speaking to anybody, not even to her therapist at Sea Pines, the "residential treatment facility" where her parents and doctor sent her after discovering that she cuts herself. As her story unfolds, Callie reluctantly become involved with the other "guests" at Sea Pines — finding her voice and confronting the trauma that triggered her behavior.

Main Characters Edit

  • Callie - The main character of the story, who cuts herself. She is in rehab to help this problem.
  • Sydney and Tiffany - Two girls who Callie meets in rehab, who are fighting drug addiction.
  • Becca, Tara, and Debbie - Three girls who Callie meets in rehab, who suffer from weight issues.
  • Amanda - Another girl at rehab who cuts herself.

Teacher Evaluation Edit

I found this to be a very gripping read and a very realistic book. I could not put it down as I was reading it. I think that this would work well in a high school setting, especially with students who may be at risk for cutting. This book does nor glorify cutting in any way. On the contrary, it offers a very real look into this disorder. This book shows the ugly side of addiction and would really help high school students to see what it is like to not be able to control oneself from doing something.

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