History of IS 187 Edit

Christa McAuliffe Intermediate School 187 is a public school located in Boro Park, Brooklyn, New York. This school is dedicated to Sharon Christa McAuliffe, who was an astronaut and a teacher. She taught her students that if they don't go after their dreams, they will not come knocking on the door. Her motto was "I touch the future, I teach." In many ways she is a role model, and a hero.

About 1,050 students attend IS 187. The principal of the school as of 2007 is Mr. Justin Berman. In 2007, the former and founding principal of IS 187, Mr. John Quincy Adams passed away.

The school is divided into three academies and each academy has a theme. The academies are as following: The Academy for Scientific Research, The Academy for Business and Law and the Academy for Arts & Humanities. Almost every classroom has an air conditioner and Smartboard. There are also several laptop carts on each floor.

The school website is: It has daily updates, information on each academy, requirements of attaining honor rolls and admission into the honor society, as well as upcoming events.

The Academy for Scientific Research Edit

Mrs. Rosemarie McGarr is the Assistant Principal and in charge of the Academy for Scientific Research. The teachers here at Christa McAuliffe make learning fun for our students, and do a great job at teaching. All the teachers are very serious about our work and they are all very dedicated to helping us succeed. They never give us too much work or homework.They give us fun projects and take us on wonderful trips. We think that without these teachers, we would all be not who we are now! The Academy of Scientific Research also gets to learn about Sports Medicine.

The Academy for Business and Law Edit

Ms. Sadiki is the Assistant Principal in charge of the Business and Law Academy.The students in this Academy focus mainly on International Banking, Social Studies, and Law. Sixth graders focus on world history and learning how banks and businesses work, some classes even learning of the stock market. Seventh graders focus mainly on early American History and laws that developed in the early 1980s. The Business and Law special classes are Law, Debate, International Banking, Stock Market, and Home and Career Skills.

The Academy for Arts and Humanities Edit

The Academy for Arts and Humanities is housed on the fifth floor of the building. The students in the Academy for Arts & Humanities study all of the major areas of the curriculum with a focus on writing, art, history, but touching upon the study of humanities more. Students in this academy participate in many forms of art, such as linoleum printing, intaglio printing, pressing, painting, and many more. Mrs. Forsyth is the head of the academy. This year, 2018, the academy is going to the Philadelphia overnight trip. T

Afterschool Edit

Christa McAuliffe also provides afterschool activities and organizations such as Kiwanis and Drama Club. One important program is test prep. The teachers at IS 187 know how important going to a good high school is to us, so they made this program to help us prepare for the Specialized Highschool Test. There are also fund raisers that help the school raise money to buy new books, computers and a lot of other things. Some fund raisers include the Bake Sale, and Candy Sale. The PTA works very hard to make sure our time in Christa McAuliffe is memorable, and we are very grateful for that. At these afterschool programs children would be learning how to make jewelry, learn to play softball, scrabble, robotics, chess, knitting and even learn CPR!

Band Classes Edit

There are three band classes in each academy. The academies of Business and Law and Arts and Humanities also have three chorus classes. Mr. David Strauss is the band teacher and Mrs. Nicole Varugheese is the chorus instructor. The school provides the instruments for the students. Most of the bands songs are Rock and Reggae. They have performed songs like "Grenade", by Bruno Mars and "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. Their performances are spectacular!

At Christa McAuliffe we go on spectacular trips. Each academy chooses a different place to go for their overnight trip each year. In the Academy for Arts & Humanities, we are going on an overnight trip to Philadelphia. In the Academy of Scientific Research, we are going on an overnight trip to Boston. In the academy of Business and Law, we are going on a trip to Disney. Students in all academies get to go on class trips, as well as an academy trip. Most of our trips are overnight trips such as going to Paris, Rome,China, Venice, Australia and many other places. In the Academy of Arts and Humanities most kids have already had 5-6 trips but this always depends on behavior. Sometimes classes can change in behavior and be banned from some trips until they act better.