Strategic Brand Management: Vision DEV´T

Yesterday we brainstormed and our goal was to have a vision which we all can share. In this document you will find the outcome of this session. I have divided the "I wish" and "How to" questions. The most cited one are deep black.

First the "I wish": Sheet 1 · I wish we can do business with another in the future. · I wish we had profiling tools online. · I wish UvA was/ had a stronger brand. Sheet 2: · I wish AgBs diploma will be just as valuable to me as HBS (or more). · I wish we had an interactive way of communicating (questions first a forum for answers/solutions and knowledge). Sheet 3: · I wish everyone would really want to join. · I wish I could be helpful to a member in need. Sheet 4: · I wish we could fund scientific research. · I wish we only had reliable information. · I wish the alumni had an THINK and DO TANK. · I wish we had well-read publications. · I wish we had our own credit card and all members wanted one. · I wish big multi nationals would consult us for advice, cutting edge knowledge, research, talent, strategy and recommended literature. · I wish the alumni brand would create an AgBS family- special bonding among members. · I wish we would share ideas with another.

"How to" questions: Sheet 1: · How to stay in touch with my fellow students and create something with them? · How to find links to other alumni through their sites? · How to get people to be interested in what we create? · How to get the latest research on strategic brand management? · Ho to get the right person for the right job? · How to keep the "site" alive after class is over? · How to make money with this? Sheet 2: · How to integrate UvA alumni with AgBS alumni brand? · How to make the alumni brand fun? · How to make alumni brand known? · How to cooperate en position ourselves with other UvA alumni brands? · How to define needs for other alumni´s from AgBS? · How to make it a source for employment agencies? · How to involve the whole class in participation of dev´t? · How to make people come back over time and continue to attract them in participation? Sheet 3: · How to make this an Active alumni brand? · How to make this exiting, challenging, worthwhile, valuable, etc. · How to get this "funded"? · How to this alumni brand generate added value to their members? · How to create a knowledge databank? · How to create a profile databank? Sheet 4; · How to make the alumni brand so strong that GURU´s would want to give guest lectures for us? Conclusion: In sheet 4 we had more "I wishes", who are more related to our needs. They are form a deeper level. the "how to´s" relate in my opinion to the procedural level. The represent activities which we must perform to make it happen.

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