The department of ECE has been a pulsating part of the CIT fame for more than thirty five brilliant years. The department came into emergence from 1968 and it proudly savours the reputation of being the best in the field. Undoubtedly it has enthralled many entrepreneurs, HR managers and CEO's of reputed International Firms, flamboyant reason being the stunning knowledge that the students are imparted with. The world of electronics gets updated by the hour; to keep pace with our syllabus gets updated swiftly.

The department under the eminent guidance of Shri M.Ramachandran, B.E, M.Sc (engg) for more than five year, is doing its best to produce the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The syllabus is rightly sculptured to quench the student's quest for ever improving efficiency and contrivance. The introduction of VHDL and Embedded systems as a part of the syllabus marks the beginning of the journey towards advanced technologies. The department is accredited by the NBA - National Board of Accreditation of AICTE.

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