How do you send your documents to the library's print-release station through your own computer? Edit

(FOR: WIN XP PRO) This page is written to show you how to send your documents to the library's print-release station. I don't know why this is not on the BC Help Center Webpage, but I hope that you will find this guide useful as it will shorten your waiting period to print your documents in the library.

Before we begin, I assume that you are connecting your computer through the BC's network (ex. Residence Hall, Dining hall, etc.). If you are not, you need to connect to BC's VPN, which you can follow the instruction from this Help Center link on "Connecting to the BC network using Virtual Private Networking (VPN).

  1. Click [Start] > [Run]
  2. type in "\\pharos-ps2" (without the double quotations) and hit Enter.
  3. A dialog box would pop up and ask to enter the username and password. If your BC username is johndoe, type in " bc\johndoe" as the username, and enter the associated password for this username. (see pictures)

  4. Right click "ONeil Library Print Quene" , and choose "Connect". When you are asked to install a driver for the printer, click "Yes".
    Printer Selection

  5. Print documents like the way you usually do on your laptop; choose "\\pharos-ps2\ONeil Library Print Quene" as your printer, and you can still apply all the printer's properties (double sided, margin change, etc..).

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