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שיעור תאריך נושא חומר קריאה שם המסכם
115/03Intro(1): PsychophysicsPsychophysics chapter from Schiffman
216/03Intro(2): Mental chronometry
322/03Intro(3): Neuropsychology, Psychophysiology, Learning & Information Processing*Kosslyn(1999). Phil Trans R Soc Lond B, 354: 1283-1294EDY
423/03Perceptual organization*Kimchi (1998). JEP:HP&P, 24:1105-1118
529/03Object recognition*Riesenhuber & Poggio (2000). Nature Neuroscience, 3(sup): 1199-1204Ariel G
630/03Neuropsychology of perception, Agnosia
719/04Agnosia (2)Agnosia paper
820/04Face perception and recognition*McKone et al (2006) TICSYariv M
926/04Mental representations, ImageryMcNamara(1999). Chap 4 in Sternberg Nature of Cognition (pp. 113-135)Moshe
1027/04Imagery debate
115-MarAttention (1)*Luck & Vecera (2002). Stevens\' handbook of exp psych.
125-AprAttention (2)*Pashler et al (2001). Attention & performance. Ann. Rev. Psychol, 52:629-651.
135-OctInattentional blindness*Simons & Rensink(2005). TICS 9:16-20
145-NovDivided attention, automaticity
1513/05Neuropsychology of attentionBisiachi (1999) Chap 21 in Handbook of Clinical & Experimental Neuropsychology (pp.479-495)Moran Eidelman
1617/05Working memoryBaddeley(1999). Short-term and working memory. From Oxford Handbook of Memory (Chap 5, pp. 77-92) Ossnat BS
1718/05Memory (1)Lockhart(1999). Methods of memory research. From Oxford Handbook of Memory (Chap 3, pp. 45-57) Hagar Y
1824/05Memory (2)
1925/05Memory (3)Moscovitch(1999). Theories of memory and consciousness. From Oxford Handbook of Memory (Chap 38, pp.609-625)
2031/05Executive function (1)*Stuss & Alexander (2000) Psych Res, 63:289-298.
216-JanExecutive function (2)*Cooper & Shallice (2000) Cog Neuropsy, 17:297-338.
226-JulProblem solving
236-AugReasoning and decision making (1)Sloman(1999) Chap 16 in Sternberg Nature of Cognition (pp. 557-585)Yuval B
2414/06Reasoning and decision making (2)*Fodor (2000) Cognition, 75: 29-32Hilla Y?
*Beaman (2002) Cognition, 83: 215-220Hilla Y
*Fodor (2002) Cognition, 83: 221Hilla Y
25 15/06 Invited lecture *Zelaso & Muller (2002) Chap 20 Handbook of Childhood Cogn Dev (pp. 445-469)

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