Fred Sheldon's Criminal / Summary Conviction Procedure Mock Trial AssignmentEdit


Group Members__________________Role in Trial
Lori Ouimette
Toni McKenzie - Defence (but I have no problem being a witness if someone really wants Defence)
Cassandra Fullerton - Police Officer (im not sure if someone else really wanted to be that though)
Victoria Shoults - Drunk driver (I would prefer police, but I'll be the driver charged)
Theresa McGee
Milica Culum

Criminal Code SectionEdit

s. 254 (5) Everyone commits an offence who, 'without reasonable excuse', fails or refuses to comply with a demand made under this section.

Charter SectionsEdit

Q. Was the arrest lawful?

S. 10 (b) of the Charter refers to the right to retain and instruct counsel without delay and be informed of that right.

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