SYLLABUS FOR 6th grade "Brushes with Art" and "Introduction to Art"

Course descriptionEdit

This class introduces students to various aspects of art through hands-on projects, art exploration, and problem solving. The basic skills of drawing, color theory, painting, sculpture, photography and an overview of art history will be covered.

some special additions are candle-making, calligraphy, mosaics, and stained glass


During this course we will study…

  • the vocabulary and language of art
  • the elements of art and principles of design
  • art criticism and theories of art
  • the use of media, methods and techniques to create art
  • historical periods and artists as they pertain to our projects


  1. Notebook: create and keep a notebook containing information from all handouts and notes taken during class, demonstrations, films, and written work.
  2. Participation/on task: be present for class, take part in discussions, make efficient use of class time
  3. Competence: demonstrated by completing all sketches, notebook, written and physical work on time.
  4. Responsibility: be responsible for the stewardship of all tools and supplies, and cleaning your work area as needed


Each assignment has a set of criteria and is worth 100 grade points. Students will be given full credit if all criteria have been met and it is completed by the due date. If the student has an accepted absence I will go by the ELCA policy for make-up times, otherwise a deduction of points will be given up to 2 days after which point no work will be accepted. All grades will be obtained by physical artwork, notebook checks, quizzes, and art critique presentations. Extra credit occurs occasionally, (i.e. entering contests, going the second mile…) but not to be relied upon.

Class MaterialsEdit

All materials are provided but the student is responsible for the stewardship of the classroom set of brushes, drawing pencils, paper …etc. Lost or misused supplies will be handled on an individual basis. If a student demonstrates a lack of concern for their work space repeatedly, an art room detention will be issued and they can help clean after school (they will receive notice).

Expected student behaviorEdit

students will…

  • come to class prepared, on time, and ready to work
  • stay in assigned work area/seat at all times
  • be respectful of others’ work and space
  • work the entire class period on artwork only
  • bring no food or drink to class per school policy
  • leave cell phones in their locker per school policy or they will be taken up


Bathroom passes will not be issued for the first 15 min. following the tardy bell. There will be a minimum amount of passes per student and will be handled on an individual basis. Only one student may go at a time if allowed. Students should use the bathroom during the time between their classes.

Use appropriate subject matter for all projects. Drug, alcohol, gang, violent, or obscene images will not be tolerated. They will be confiscated and shown to administration the same day with a student referral. The project will result in a zero.

Due to limited space, all book-bags must be left against the wall in the hallway prior to entering the room. The student must bring in the classroom their notebook and a pencil. Girls may bring their purses. (no cells) This is to eliminate students and the teacher from tripping.

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