Peace adel

We hope our peace doves have now all 'flown' to their destinations and we are really interested to hear where they have landed.

If you have received a peace dove, please add your message to the list below. If you want to add a photo as well, please email us and we will add the photo to the site for you.

To add your message, click the edit tab at the top of the screen and add your mesage to the list. Then click save at the bottom of the page. There is no need to log in to do this. Thanks

Where did the peace dove land? Edit

Victoria, Australia Edit

2 peace doves have just landed in Kyabram, Victoria, Australia. They did not enjoy the vegemite toast we gave them! However they are enjoying the sunshine and meeting new friends like koala, kangaroo and wombat.
Thankyou for sending peace doves all the way out here.

....and Wollongong, Australia too! Edit

Thank you for our peace dove, sorry we took so long to reply! (and Hi Lily from Rory!)

British Council, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Thank you for the peace dove. Sorry it took me so long to work out how to reply! May I wish you all a very happy and peaceful New Year in 2008!

best wishes

Paul Burrows

Harrogate, England Edit


Hello. My bird has landed in Harrogate, about 12 miles form Adel

Gibraltar Edit


Hello from Gibraltar! Our bird has moved to the wildlife sanctuary in the Alameda Gardens, but spends the afternoons on the beach.

Majorca Edit


hola mellamo hallerro my bird was in the road with penk on in Majorca.

San Francisco, USA Edit

Hello from San Francisco! Our bird has landed in San Francisco, California.

Philadelphia, USA Edit


Hello from across the Pond! The peace dove arrived safely in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Our parrot, Baby, became great friends with the peace dove here in the City of Brotherly Love. But our peace dove has flown the coop and dashed off to Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA.


We enjoyed his stay but understood that he had to fly - to continue spreading his words of Peace.

Parnu, Estonia Edit


Hello from Estonia! A lot of peace doves landed here in Parnu. Thank You for the message and greatings to Your students!

1.9 Leeds. Thank you for the peace dove you gave me yesterday in Leeds. I enjoyed your singing very much.

I too received my peace dove at the Holocaust Memorial Day in Leeds on Sunday. We all enjoyed the afternoon, your preformance was really lovely. Well Done and Thank you to you all.

Málaga, Spain Edit

Peace doves landed in Málaga some months ago. Now they are flying in Los Guindos School giving everybody messages of peace. Thank you.Our students are learning the songs "No wars will stop us singing". We will sing it together in March when you visit our school.

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