Peace tie

It is intended that the project will impact throughout the curriculum and not be perceived as a mere appendage. The issues will be embedded into several areas, as evidenced in planning and evaluation.

Language learning Edit

This will be extended and used for real purposes by the communication between the children in Spain and England and the planned visits.

IT Edit

This will be the chief means of communication between the partners - both staff and children. We have our own secure web log where children can communicate with each other and build up relationships before their actual meeting. We also hope to use video conferencing to communicate. Videos and music files will be exchanged.

Art Edit

The symbol of the project will be Picasso’s dove. As Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso, the children will make detailed studies of his life and work and produce their own creative work. When in Malaga we will visit the Picasso museum and his birthplace.

Music Edit

The children will teach other their traditional songs and dances. We will perform them to each other via video link and when we visit. As a starting point for the project we will perform | No Wars Will Stop Us Singing’, the international song for peace on September 21st, World Peace Day, and our partners will sing it at the same time.

Literacy Edit

Both partners will use the book ‘What Is Peace?’ as a stimulus for our own creative writing and produce a collaborative book in dual languages.

Technology Edit

We intend to use the paper crane design to send our messages of peace around the world.

Geography Edit

Our cranes will be sent with messages to as many destinations as possible. The children will locate the countries on a world map and learn about the cultures, languages etc.

Numeracy Edit

The children can calculate distances and areas. They can use angles and measurements in making their cranes.

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