AP Government Syllabus
Mr. Bowen

Course descriptionEdit

This course serves as an introduction to American national government. It will survey the U. S. national political system. The course will give students an analytical perspective on government and politics in the U. S.

Course purpose and benefitsEdit

Students should know not only who governs, but also what difference it makes who governs. This course attempts to demonstrate how our government institutions and political processes help explain why some policies and not others are adopted.
The AP program gives students the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while still in high school and to receive course credit and placement upon entering college.
This course also gives greater opportunity for individual progress and accomplishment. As a college-level course, it naturally goes into much greater depth. It is designed to offer a deeper understanding of the workings of the American political process than that found in other social studies courses.

Course proceduresEdit

This AP course is challenging and stimulating. Compared to other high school courses, it takes more time and requires more homework. It will require more work outside of class than the average high school course. There is a great deal of material to cover which coincides with the demanding AP Exam that is given for college credit.
This is a college-level course and it will be taught as such, with emphasis on lecture, discussion, reading, and writing. The teacher will conduct the class at an appropriately mature college level and expects the same from the student.

Course outlineEdit

Semester 1Edit

  • Foundations of American government (textbook chapters 1 – 4)
  • Political behavior (textbook chapters 5 - 9)
  • Legislative branch (textbook chapters 10 – 12)

Semester 2Edit

  • Executive branch (textbook chapters 13 – 17)
  • Judicial branch (textbook chapters 18 – 21)
  • Comparative political and economic systems (textbook chapters 22 – 23)
  • State and local government (textbook chapters 24 – 25)

Course gradingEdit

The student’s grade will be determined by the following breakdown:

  • Test: 25%
  • Quiz: 15%
  • Midterm: 20%
  • Projects: 15%
  • Homework: 15%
  • In-class participation: 10%

  • No late homework accepted.
  • Late projects lose 50% of grade.
  • All make-up tests are essay form.
  • All AP students are required to take the midterm exam and the AP Exam (taken in place of a final exam).

Notes For ClassEdit

The Presidential ProjectEdit

Che obama 1

Search for ads on the Presidential Candidates
All Searches are done through Google.
The searches are not biased, the pictures are!!!

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